Trancoso is a place of many delights.

Situated in southern Bahia, on the  Discovery Coast  of Brazil, the place where  the caravels of Pedro Alvares Cabral first arrived in 1500, Trancoso was founded by the Jesuits in 1583 and was originally known as São João Batista dos Índios. (St. John the Baptist of the Indians).

The utmost Trancoso symbol is certainly the Quadrado (Square), a rectangular lawn surrounded by colorful houses that was once a fishing village,   today transformed into unique shops of the finest Brazilian brands and exclusive restaurants , giving life to the concept of rustic, yet elegant .

At the end of the Quadrado you can find the São João Baptista church, founded in 1600, today protected by UNESCO.

Behind the church is the beautiful view of the majestic sea and golden beach.

The entire region of Trancoso is famous for its beaches, with  beautiful sights of the Brazilian coast, worth visiting is the Praia dos coqueiros (coconut tree Beach) and the Espelho (Mirror) Beach.

Surrounded by national parks and reserves protecting the nature, Trancoso remained a secret retreat until a few decades ago, when some young people from Rio, São Paulo and Europe came and settled down , based on the hippie concept, living respecting the nature and fully integrated with the indigenous population and native  fishermen.

Over the years, Trancoso has increasingly developed as a  destination for sophisticated and exclusive tourism , having rustic sophistication added to the natural beauty, both in the architecture and in the details decorating amazing private homes.

This sophistication can also be noted in the boutiques, art and craft galleries, as well as in the quality and environment of the restaurants.

During the high season, Trancoso comes alive with festivals and parties, attracting national and international tourists from all over the world.

Trancoso also offers various opportunities to practice sports: kayaking in the rivers of Trancoso, Taípe and  Rio da Barra,  Paragliding from the cliffs, Kite surfing, deep sea fishing and diving in the coral reefs.

Getting to know Trancoso is a wonderful experience:  eucalyptus , rubber  and coconut plantations,  green pastures, the discovery of the Atlantic, the silences and tropical sounds, the incredible fauna with a huge amount of birds, can all be discovered riding a bike, a horseback ride or just on a nice, simple walk.

The Terravista Golf is considered one of the highlights of the region, with one of the most beautiful and challenging courses in Latin America.

The new L’Òoccitane  theater hosting yearly international music events, adds another element of cultural appeal.

Trancoso is already known for its traditions in arts and crafts, the theatre became an important element, bringing Trancoso into  the hearts of those who visit