Golf Course Rules


Rule A: The blue stakes, connected by ropes, located along the left sides of fairways at the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th holes, indicate “environmentally sensitive areas”, where entry into is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. For holes 12, 13 and 15, balls that go beyond the line of these stakes and ropes should be dropped within two club lengths of the point where they last crossed this line, not nearer the hole, under penalty of one stroke. For the 14th hole, the player must take relief under Rule B.

Rule B: Dropping Areas: Balls that go into the water hazards at the 2nd and 3rd holes may be played from the dropping areas located at these holes, with the applicable penalty. Balls that go beyond stakes and ropes line of hole 14 must be played from it’s dropping area, under penalty of one stroke.

Rule C: Fixed obstructions: Paved cart paths, indication signs on tees, distance markers, ball and club washers, waste baskets, benches, irrigation heads and valves, drainage pipes and covers, toilets, pump house and stone walls that surround the lakes.

Distance marks (to the center of green):

Red: 100 yards

White: 150 yards

Blue: 200 yards

Gold: 250 yards


*Respect the information signs on the course.

*Be careful and pay attention in areas of risk, especially close to the cliffs.

*You need to be over 18  years  to drive the golf carts and it´s only allowed inside the paved path (cart path), observing the rule of 90 degrees.

*It is forbidden to transit around the paved path outside the carts in any event of rain.

*Replace the divots in the rays, even the stalls and grooming Pikes balls in the greens.

*Avoid slow game. We recommend using starting tee’s suited to your handicap and give way when applicable. Wear suitable attire for the game. It is forbidden to wear shoes with nails (spikes).

Dress code for Men

Dress code for Men

Dress code for Women

Dress code for Women


Help us keep the golf tradition using the proper attire to play in the course


1 Green Fees, Golf Carts and Golf lessons must be paid in advance.

2 We suggest you to book your lessons and tee time in advance (purchase the green fee and/or class previously).

3 We do not accept the refunds of Green Fee, Cart Fee or Golf Lessons.

4 Green Fee and Cart Fee should be used on the same day

5 Official handicap is mandatory to access the golf course.

6 It is mandatory to sign the “Terms of Responsibility” to play in the course.

Required golf attire to play the game: shirt with collar (polo type), trousers or golf shorts, belt, shoes or golf shoes (spikeless type). The shirt should be worn inside the trousers or shorts during the game.

The Golf Carts should be conducted only by valid driver’s license holders,that are over the age of 18, respecting the conditions of the course informed by the Starter and Bulletin Board.

Rain Check policy ( course closed due to rain): credit of 18 holes when  8 holes are completed and 9 holes if 9 to 17 holes are completed. Also valid for Green Fee and Golf Cart. An average of 15 minutes per hole may be considered to estimate the number of holes completed.

10 Players must obey  the Local Rules contained in the Game Card (Score Card) and Golf Bulletin Board.

11 The course administration can , without prior notice , change prices, local rules and conditions.